Yuta Tamura is a Japanese painter. When he was a child, he was very pensive and often painted many imaginary creatures to play with them. Painting was an everyday activity for him, and it is no exaggeration to say that this habit made him today. His works are filled with a compassionate serenity and a little melancholic atmosphere. For him, painting is the most important means of prayer, just as someone prays to God for help. That is why he is a painter. He believes that we carry our sins with us just by being alive. That sin is not something that can be atoned for in any way, and it just piles up little by little. One can ignore those sins, but he can’t do that. He chooses to face the sins that have been imposed on him. The way he did that was to paint. He never thinks that painting will save him, but he is trying to show that he is facing the sin by painting. He hopes that his prayer will help someone else to be saved.